With a technology project, I enjoy the challenge of “piecing together the puzzle”: taking a designer’s rendering or sketch, and creating the end result using varying materials and techniques; and experimenting on what will be the best combination thereof along the way.  Creating a tailored coat is the perfect combination of my logical and creative minds: creating the pattern draft is extremely precise, but the coat truly comes to life with all the detailed hand-work required.  Dye work is where I have the most fun, however.  I view it as a brilliant way to meld science and art, two things I am hopelessly in love with: chemistry is colorful!  Much of my knowledge of dyeing and dye techniques is self-taught.  I have immersed myself in research, and when presented with a specific project, will dive in head-first into experimenting with the endless combinations of dyes, colors, and techniques.  Production deadlines, however, do keep me in check and have taught me to quickly identify the correct combinations for the task at hand with minimal time spent testing.  Select from the menu to view my work in various areas of costume technology.


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updated Jan. 2016