You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

In my freelance background as designer and technician, I have had the pleasure to work with many regional theaters including the Guthrie Theatre, Santa Fe Opera, The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and the Montana Repertory Theatre. My design work includes traditional theatre, musicals, dance, and children’s theatre. In costume technology, I have experience with tailoring, draping, dye, crafts, millinery, and wigs.  Within the realm of costume construction, tailoring has been my emphasis.  I revel in the melding of precision, skill, and creativity used to create bespoke tailored garments. The intersection of art & science is also a passion for me (see Research Projects below), and I seek to incorporate new technologies into my work–both as designer & technician–whenever possible.

Upcoming Projects

Due to the industry-wide pause on live events due to COVID-19, all upcoming live projects have been postponed.

Ongoing Digital Projects

My digital art created for print on demand is available for purchase through Threadless (Fashion History Humor series) and Spoonflower (fabrics & home dec patterns). In addition to fabric prints on Spoonflower, I also have lines of costume labels for use in production and inventory. Costume labels can be customized, if you are interested in discussing a custom label design, please contact me.

Ongoing Research Projects

Weird history. Trivia. Colorful chemistry. Research shouldn’t end with the scope of the project at hand. Outside of creative pursuits I enjoy researching topics related to history and science. As an advocate for STEAM in education, I believe that the arts must be included to not only create a well-rounded education, but to also develop critical thinking and life skills. Current research topics include:

  • the history of textile dyes: both natural and chemical
  • the stories behind fashion history: how clothing connects us globally and how these connections and historic events lead to fashion’s evolution
  • weird fashion history: the “fun facts” and “trivia” that may have been overlooked in traditional scholarship (such as: what is the connection between the N95 respirator and Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit?)

Knowledge needs to be shared! I am also available to guest lecture on the research topics above as well as fashion history in general, designing & printing fabrics, and shop management. Please contact me if you are interested in me speaking with your class.