Within Our Skin (Dance)

Within Our Skin is based on Rosy Simas’s work Skin(s).  Skin(s), as stated on the choreographer’s site, “The Skin(s) dance explores what we hold, reveal, and perceive through our skin. The dance is housed within a paper environment with a surround sound score and moving images. ”  Spinning off of that, Within Our Skin is performed with a diverse cast, and further explores perception through skin.  The movements are subtle, and flow gently.  To compliment this, I chose to give each dancer a slightly different cut of costume, with either a flowing top, or flowing bottoms.  Each costume was custom-dyed to match the individual dancers’s skin tones as closely as possible.  To add some contrast, the bottoms of the costumes are ombre-dyed with varying saturations of the same jewel tone.  The wearable paper sculptures were re-creations of original pieces, and contoured to this particular cast.

Produced by University of Minnesota, 2016

Choreography: Rosy Simas

Lighting Design: Katie Deutsch