Waiting for Waiting for Godot

The understudies.  They spend their time at the theatre waiting.  Waiting for Waiting for Godot spends the time in the green room with two ambitious understudies for a production of Waiting for Godot and their ASM.  For this production, I started thinking about how I would costume an actual production of Godot.  From there, I adjusted for what was called for in this particular script, as well as considering the fact that these are understudies, and their costumes would have been cobbled together out of stock from other productions with a similar look and feel.   I looked at the Edwardian era for my base inspiration for the two tramps: with the cut of Ester’s vest and Val’s jacket, and the addition of “neck rags” similar to working class men of the era.  For Ester and Val, I chose fabrics with lots of texture to help with the shabby broken-in look of two tramps.  With Laura, I drew on my own experiences as a stage manager, and my colleagues for how they dress backstage: blacks that don’t actually match, comfy shoes, and a warm sweater, because backstage is always freezing.

Produced with Loudmouth Collective 2016

Director: Matt Sciple

Lighting Design: Megan Winter

Scenic Design: Megan Kerdrowski