‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Ken Ludwig’s ‘Twas the Nights Before Christmas is a fast-paced children’s show with adult actors.  With this production, we wanted to keep the costumes bright and colorful, and of course whimsical.  The play is written for five actors playing a total of ten parts, so I designed everything to either do double-duty between characters, or easily able to be over/under-dressed as needed.  With the main elf, Calliope, I wanted to stay away from the “traditional” red and green scheme, along with the fact that she is a Jewish elf, I chose a cooler, blue-based color scheme for her.   Sir Guy and Mulch, are referenced as being from the Robin Hood legend, so I wanted to keep them in a silhouette reminiscent of that, but also Christmas-elf-like.  We also decided that we wanted our Santa to be more our own, and less of your stereotypical mall Santa.  I chose a longer robe/coat, more reminiscent of a Victorian-style Santa, and a red waistcoat, for scenes where the coat was not needed.

Produced by Lyric Arts, 2016

Director: Hannah Weinberg

Scenic Design: Brian Proball

Lighting Design: Eric Voigt

Set Dressing/Makeup Design: Mark Lopez