The Peoples’ Circus (Dance)

“The Peoples’s Circus” was a new work, created by choreographer Wynn Fricke, in collaboration with student dancers at the University of Minnesota for the fall 2015 dance concert.  As new works do, this piece evolved quite a bit from my first conversation with Wynn, to the final design.  The original concept was a bit more circus-whimsy.  However, as the piece took a darker turn choreographically, so did the costuming.  In describing the piece to me, Wynn often used words such as “severe”, “strong”, “sleek”, “edgy”, and “dangerous”.  I incorporated the emotions those adjectives evoke in the armor-like feel to the costumes.  Also in keeping with the idea of “circus”, color did remain in the piece, however I used muted tones of blue, lavender, and various grays–all fabrics were custom dyed.  To see a larger image, or start a slideshow, select any image.