The American Clock

Written by Arthur Miller, The American Clock is largely based on stories of the Great Depression collected by Studs Terkel in his book Hard Times.  We follow the Baum family of New York and their story, and the stories of the people they encounter from all walks of life throughout the Depression.  Due to the large span of time covered by the script, and the large amount of doubling by the cast of 21, I kept the design for this production as an “average” of the 1930s, primarily focusing on the mid-to-late 1930s.  Inspired by the Detroit Industry murals of Diego Rivera, my color palate was rooted in blues and greens against the sepia-toned set, with pops of warmer colors.

Produced by the University of Minnesota at the Guthrie Theatre, 2017

Director: Joe Price

Scenic Design: Joel Sass

Lighting Design: Alex Clark