Loop, Loop (Dance)

As part of the University of Minnesota’s 2014 Dance Revolutions, I did the costume design for Loop, Loop choreographed by Justin Jones.  For this piece, I was given very little restriction.  I was inspired by a comment that Justin made in one of our meetings about being a “math nerd”, and his current fascination with the concept of homeomorphism (stretching and compressing the plains of an object to create a new object without breaking any lines or plains).  In my research of homeomorphism, I learned that a Mobius strip (resembling an infinity symbol), is homeomorphic.  I then used the twisting concept of a Mobius strip as my jumping off point for my design.  Each costume piece incorporates twisting or looping in some form, primarily with the straps of backs of the tops/tunics.  The ombre dye of the tops was inspired by a local Minneapolis artist, HOTTEA (another influence of Justin’s for this piece, particularly in the scenic element), and his use of gradation.  I chose cool colors for the piece (sky blue, lilac, and emerald to sky blue), as the choreography has such a graceful ebb and flow to it, the movement lent itself to a softer palate.

Choreographer: Justin Jones

Lighting Design: Megan Winter

Scenic Design: Anne Henly