Lend Me a Tenor

Sometimes I think farce and comedy can be just as challenging to design as it is for the actors to keep up the pace!  Tenor was no exception.  My basic ideas for this production were 1) keep it period (1934 Cleveland, OH), 2) keep it colorful, and 3) make sure nobody trips on a hem!  The show is full of bright, comical colors, and pieces that really help a character’s quirks take a more visual form (e.g. Julia’s silver accented “Chrysler Building” dress).  Many of the women’s looks were contemporary or late 20th century vintage pieces that were altered to fit the 1930s silhouette.

The video below was taken during one of the dress rehearsals.  The fast-paced curtain call shows a glimpse of my design in action.  (Posted with permission of Ozark Actor’s Theatre)

Produced at Ozark Actors Theatre (2011)

Director: Jason Cannon

Lighting Design: Michael Sullivan

Scenic Design: Lex vanBloomenstein

A “behind the scenes” blog post I wrote for OAT’s Sneak Peek blog can be seen here.  Scroll down to June 1.