In the Age of Paint and Bone

In the Age of Paint and Bone is a new work, written and directed by Liz Neerland.  The play focuses on the discovery of the painted caves (the most famous in Lascaux, France) in the 1890s and 1940s, with narration by present-day tour guides, and flashbacks to the ancient cave painters themselves.  I tried to stay as accurate as I could within the confines of my budget to depict the historical figures (Marcelino San deSautola and his daughter Maria, Juan Vilanova, Emile Carthilhac, Abbe Breuil, Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marcel, and Leon Laval) as closely as possible to images of them at the caves, and other photographs from their respective time periods.  The cave painters were my greatest challenge.  As the cast of seven were playing a total of 20+ characters, all costume pieces, including the cave painters, needed to have the ability to be a quick in/out, or over/under dressed.

Produced at Nimbus Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (2015)

Lighting Design: Jon Kirchhofer

Scenic Design: Brian Hesser