Fiddler on the Roof

“If I were a rich man…”, the look of Fiddler is almost as iconic as its music.  While the setting of 1905 Tsarist Russia in the sheitel of Anatevka more or less dictates the overall look of any production of Fiddler, I, and the director, were determined to make this production uniquely our own.  We live in a world of color and pattern, no matter how shabby our surroundings.  This fact is what pushed me to include as much color, and subtle pattern as possible in my design.  Tevye may believe he is poor, but he is truly a rich man, surrounded by gems of daughters, an idea which I represented by creating jewel-toned costumes for all his daughters.  One major influence was the work of Marc Chagall, primarily The Green Fiddler and The Peasant.  Examples of his influence can be seen in the Fiddler’s stylized overcoat, as well as Tevye’s red hat.  The most unique concept piece in this production is Fruma-Sarah and her parachute.  Yes, parachute.  Heather Adams, the choreographer, came up with the idea of using a parachute in the dream sequence.  Together, with director Dan Sharkey, we came up with a way to make the parachute (a full-sized, not altered in any way but color, parachute) part of Fruma-Sara’s costume that was also flowed with the choreography.  The result was a larger-than-the-afterlife Fruma that is as much fun to watch as it was to build and for the actors to work with!

Fruma-Sarah’s parachute dress in action:


Produced at Bigfork Summer Playhouse (2010)

Director: Dan Sharkey

Lighting Design: Adan Schuff

Scenic Design: Mike Monsos